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Suddenly Geoffrey turned to George with a mischievous grin.
"I've been wanting to do this for ages," he whispered, and began to remove his shoes.
"Should we?" asked George. He looked wistfully at that alluring floor, but John's rebuke was still fresh.
"It's not daytime; her ladyship went to bed long ago," Geoffrey reasoned. "It's almost midnight! And it's not the main house, really."
"Oh, all right," George agreed readily.
Geoffrey took a running start and slid down the shiny waxed floor on his silk-stockinged feet, his coat tails flying out behind him. George suppressed a snicker and followed.
"That was smashing!" he announced softly to Geoffrey. "Better than bannisters!"
"Easier on the seat," Geoffrey observed. "Let's go back!" 

Old James is dead, and Lady Luckley has no recourse but to hire a new footman. She is elated when she is given the priceless opportunity to get two perfectly matched footmen at the same time.
But is Dunderlee House ready for identical twins?

Our Christmas Bear - Illustrated!

"Go, open the door, Rosetta," her mother urged.  "It must be some lost traveler who saw our light."

Rosetta ran to unbar the door.  It swung open, and the little girl sprang back with a scream of terror.

"A bear!  A bear!"

Something big and brown and shaggy had lunged at her out of the darkness of the night.

For three years, the widow and her two daughters, Rosetta and Bianca, have lived alone in the cabin on Mr. Heaton's vast estate. But this winter they have a visitor. What would bring a man to their lonely home in the bitterness of sub-zero weather? Is he the only man who is in the forest this winter? And why does he have such a mysterious name?
Loosely based on the old tale of Snow-White & Rose-Red, this is a Christmas story the whole family can enjoy.
When good and evil come face to face in the snowy woods, which will prevail?

Twenty-one little-known stories of history - the curious, the forgotten, the unique. Here you will find some of the many stories that have been forgotten or lost in the shuffle.
Whom did George Washington toast during the Revolution? What happens when a scientist sniffs every gas he comes across? What pack animal did the US Army use in the West before the Civil War?
Find out in The Homegrown Historian!