The Apprentices


Suddenly Geoffrey turned to George with a mischievous grin.
"I've been wanting to do this for ages," he whispered, and began to remove his shoes.
"Should we?" asked George. He looked wistfully at that alluring floor, but John's rebuke was still fresh.
"It's not daytime; her ladyship went to bed long ago," Geoffrey reasoned. "It's almost midnight! And it's not the main house, really."
"Oh, all right," George agreed readily.
Geoffrey took a running start and slid down the shiny waxed floor on his silk-stockinged feet, his coat tails flying out behind him. George suppressed a snicker and followed.
"That was smashing!" he announced softly to Geoffrey. "Better than bannisters!"
"Easier on the seat," Geoffrey observed. "Let's go back!" 

Old James is dead, and Lady Luckley has no recourse but to hire a new footman. She is elated to be given the priceless opportunity to get two perfectly matched footmen at the same time. George and Geoffrey are young, teachable, and eager for work.

But is Dunderlee House ready for identical twins?

Meticulously researched, The Apprentices will give you a glimpse into the servants' quarters of an old house - and an idea of how two innocent boys can turn an elderly household upside down!


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